Electronics Recycling, Ethical? Print

Electronic RecyclingMost people don't know that it costs nothing to recycle their electronic equipment, and don't realize how important it is to recycle them. But once you make the conscious decision, what's a good place for recycling?

1. Before you take your electronics out for recycling watch this video called E-waste Dumping Ground by Patrick Brown of CBC News. (After watching the video you might want to scroll down the page to read some of the comments people had about it).

2. Check out CBC's special on Free Geek Vancouver. They might be your best option if you don't mind taking the short trip http://freegeekvancouver.org, or just call the Electronic Recycling Association, they even offer FREE pickups.

3. In a letter by the ESABC Executive, all ESABC members (including Teknician Solutions) have been assured that Encorp (Return-It Electronics) audits the material handling chain from the time the material is collected by their program until it is turned into a commodity to ensure that no product is shipped offshore to non OECD countries such as China. To achieve this goal ESABC has adopted and applied the stringent recycling qualification process developed by Electronic Product Stewardship Canada (EPSC). Read full letter..