Understanding Search Engine Optimization. Print

Search engine optimization (SEO) also known as search engine placements or search engine rankings is a technique used by web programmers in improving a web site's visibility on search engines through natural or organic results.

One of the primary ways that Internet users find web sites is through search engines. That's why web sites with higher search engine listings may see dramatic increase in traffic which consequently leads to more leads and more sales. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo use certain criteria called algorithm in ranking web sites.

Search engine optimization technique also ensures that your web pages are easily accessible to search engines that means your web site is search engine friendly.

There is absolutely no hidden agenda to search engine optimization tactics — there are some basic methodologies that knowledgeable SEO companies follow in order to get higher rankings on search engines for relevant keywords.

Attaining top positions on search engines is like "FREE" advertising as compared to pay per click advertising campaigns. When users click on your web link from search engine results, it cost the web site owner nothing.