Need quick remote assistance? Print

Click on the following DOWNLOAD and run it. Call us with the 9 digit code it generates.

We provide fast, stress-free assistance by remoting into your Windows/Mac computers from our service shop and find solutions to your problems as if we were sitting right at your computer.

We save you hundreds of dollars by eliminating all sorts of computer problems and anticipating many others.

Remote Service Rate - Regular

  • Same day service
  • Minimum 30mins for $37.50
  • Afterward at $1.25/min
  • Most problems solved in 30mins
  • Clock starts when we access your system
  • 30 day warranty
  • No Fix No Charge

How can we help you with Remote Computer Service?

We save you hundreds of dollars by eliminating computer problems before they become headaches. Trust our quick remote service, try it first:

  • Virus, spyware, malware, trojan check
  • Identify spyware applications, malware toolbars at a glance
  • Tune up, clean up, and boot optimization
  • Software conflicts, speed and performance
  • Uninstall unneeded and unwanted software
  • Setup/configure email, internet, office, windows/mac, more..
  • Install new software, updates, protection, and renew others
  • System and program settings, security
  • Software upgrades & patches
  • Help with hardware installation/configuration
  • Solve windows errors & spot computer glitches
  • Troubleshooting hardware, software, driver conflicts and glitches
  • Assist with your printer or other peripheral devices
  • Increase the security of your Internet connection
  • Software Tutoring, General PC/MAC use, and System Configuration
  • .. and much more

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Mon-Fri: 9am-6:30
Sat-Sun: 10am-6:30
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