How do we manage the remote connection? Print

Fast P2P Performance

We directly communicate with remote computers via point-to-point functionality. The hands-off connection with your computer is done at industry-leading remote control speeds.

Dashboard View

We quickly analyze system health with a digest view of critical data about the computer including system info, event viewer, running processes, network traffic and scheduled tasks.

Computer Management

We can view and click to drill down and view interrelated files, services and processes for rapid issue resolution. The user manager, drivers, registry editor, event viewer and reboot features provide additional management tools.

File Transfer

We can transfer files between local and remotely accessed computers. All transfers are encrypted with industry-leading encryption so data is secure.


We can share files too large for email, thus eliminating the need to send large attachments. You click a secure link to download the file directly from our system.


Teknician Solutions will treat your data and information private and confidential. No information will be disclosed without your express consent.