Cost of Spyware and Virus damage Print

9 out of 10 computers are infected, that's a fact!

BugConsidering this you might need to step up on your fight against spyware and viruses.. at least in your own computer.

Damage caused by spyware & viruses might cost you $300 and up, and your data is at risk. We limit your financial burden instead of letting the clock run free and we always get the job done in time with accuracy.

Note: We also include this service as part of the package Prevention Rather Than Intervention for only 1/4 of the cost it takes to get it fixed, that's right $75 only. Guaranteed best results if done at our location. A great value for only 1/4 of the price it costs by itself.

To take care of any infection we implement a multilayer spyware/virus scan and removal that leaves no harm standing. A search and destroy of this type would not be as complete if done anywhere else but at our location, your hardware needs to be uninstalled and attached to one of our specialised units. We know how to wipe these leashes off, and we know how to limit their come back.

Worst case scenario involves the reinstallation of all software, but not without doing a data backup first. Then protection comes next, and we have the software and the knowledge to implement it.

A more than $300 total value, yours at $225 or less. More than 25% total savings, so give us a call the moment your computer starts acting up 604.728.2325

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