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joyful_businessmanCommited persistance to quality at affordable cost.

We're looking for custom projects as we're finishing up current ones. Projects that involve all or some of the following: Servers, Computers, Laptops, Onsite and Offsite Backups, Hand-held Devices, Security Gateways, Surveillance Systems, VOiP, POS, network wiring and finishing, and other network equipment. We will provide estimates, rush or sheduled work, monitoring if required, prompt onsite service, proactive maintenance both onsite and remote; support over the phone, email, texting, and remote internet access; generic, brand name, and custom products.

In an industry where delayed response, oversea outsourcing, and costly mediocrity is common our proactive approach to onsite service is a no brainer. We're dedicated to foreseeing issues that might tamper with the continuity and success of your business. Our focus to keeping your operation shielded from external harm while internally integrated makes us your most valuable employment.

For over 20 years Teknician Solutions has been committed to helping Small Businesses with hardware and software solutions to their Windows, Apple, and Linux equipment. Our Managed IT Service out of Richmond BC is very competitive and offers more value than any other company in the area.

What we offer we already use it and we know it well.. solid business protection.

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