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Performance Monitoring & Alerts Print E-mail

Being proactive has never been easier. Automated wizards set up and deploy alerts to our technicians in minutes. Ensuring maximum uptime of the systems we manage with 24/7, automated performance monitoring of all computers with customized alerts for those machines.

We eliminate security risks by monitoring for spyware and/or adware running on computers/servers. We are alerted when mission critical applications stop or crash, on both workstations and servers.

Define Alerts

We quickly configure alerts and instantly assign those alerts to groups of computers. Then we receive email alerts of events. Color-coded "traffic light" alerts provide a clear visual display of the status of alerts for each computer group.

Monitor CPU and Memory

Load Set thresholds linked to time periods on which to receive alerts, and then escalate those alerts. For example:

CPU Alert 1: If the CPU load exceeds 70% for 10 minutes then send an email to admin

CPU Alert 2: If the CPU load exceeds 70% for 20 minutes then send an email to senior admin

Monitor Disk Space

We prevent computer crashes by monitoring disk space. For example, if disk space drops to less than 20% on a backup server, it sends an email notification to

Monitor the size of both folders and files

Monitoring checks that shared directories on the network do not reach capacity, or that individual Outlook.pst files do not grow too large.

Monitor for specific files

Monitoring checks if specific files have been installed. For example, if the company policy prohibits instant messenger programs, we set up an alert to monitor for the license file.

Monitor computers coming online or going offline

We are alerted when a system comes online, for example, a laptop or home office machine that's frequently offline. We're immediately notified and carry out required maintenance.

We set time thresholds for how long a computer, such as a mission-critical server, is permitted to be offline. We receive immediate notification if they exceed these thresholds.

Monitor when applications start, stop or crash

We eliminate security risks by monitoring for spyware and/or adware running on computers. We monitor for P2P software or Chat applications that can expose your organization to external threats.

We are alerted when mission critical applications stop or crash. This could include the corporate CRM or accounting system, on both a workstation and server.

Monitor services when they stop or crash

We are alerted when mission-critical services stop working. This could include mail servers, web servers, database servers, file servers, and domain controllers.

Monitor events

We can link alerts to event logs.

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