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Home Spyware & Virus Removal Malware Scenarios
Adware, Spyware, and Virus Removal Scenarios Print E-mail

100% guaranteed to take care of all spyware and virus infections. We implement various types of multilayer scans that remove every spyware and virus on its path, then we search and destroy every trace. This would not be as complete if done anywhere else but at our location.

Safeguarding your data is our priority. We're extremely careful with your pictures, documents, music, videos, desktop files, emails, contacts, calendars.

Malware Scenario #1

When infected every minute the computer spends on is critical. The best thing you can do is to turn it off and give us a call. At this point we can remove all the threats and get your computer back on track,

  • $75 basic malware removal, same business day in most cases
  • $150 deep malware removal, 24hrs in most cases, 30 day warranty on service, free windows reinstall if needed
  • Data Backup is extra, if requested or required

Malware Scenario #2

If you keep turning on your computer your windows might get compromised. Some of its crucial components might get replaced, crippled, or corrupted. In this case is very much possible that we have to reinstall windows. If no data needs to be backed up we can get you up and running for $150 in most cases. Takes 24hrs approx.

Malware Scenario #3

In this case scenario a reinstallation of windows is emminent. Data backup however is needed. Fortunately  the hard drive is working so no data recovery has to be done. We can do a data backup, a windows reinstall, and a data restore for $225 in most cases. Takes 48hrs approx.

Malware Scenario #4

Your hard drive stopped responding and getting your data back is a must, resulting in a more complicated scenario. The start up cost of data recovery is $150 plus the cost of another hard drive, and reinstallation of windows is $150 in most cases. Takes 72hrs minimum.

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